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The kids are alright!

One thing that has frequently been brought up in discussions recently, is how do we get new, young riders into the sport. Ash, Nath and Skully went to visit one man in Northern England who is on a mission to introduce mountainboarding to his local community.

Leon Dove, AKA Mr Rhythm X, started his vision back in 2015 while working for the charity youth organisation, Lancashire Boys & Girls Club (LABGC). He purchased a range of Trampa and MBS mountainboards and began teaching youth groups at Waddow Hall, in Clitheroe. The LABGC works with youth clubs and organisations throughout Lancashire. They are primarily funded by local businesses, with the Headquarters based in nearby Lancaster. After years of negotiation, Leon and the LABGC managed to secure a deal in 2021 to open the UK’s latest Mountainboard Centre – Forrest Hills. Forrest Hills is the LABGC’s outdoor activity centre that offers a range of activities from archery to quad biking, but right at the top of that list is mountainboarding!

Mountainboarding UK

The Turf Surfers project is introducing mountainboarding to a whole host of new people across Lancashire. With 25 regulars at the newly established Forrest Hills ATB Club, and over 240 young people being introduced to mountainboarding over six days of activities throughout the summer holidays, with open invitation to join the club, it looks like Leon and the LABGC are definitely building for the future.

At the moment the centre is still basic, but this makes it perfect for beginners with Leon's freshly cut grass and movable kickers of differing sizes. There is, however, an extension plan to expand the site with the introduction of more movable features (wooden rollers, kickers, boxes, etc) and to also develop dirt features to suit more intermediate and advanced riders.

UK Mountainboarding

UK Mountainboarding

Primarily the success of this venture has to be credited to a great family-friendly environment, on a site that is near to a large population centre and very easy to reach by public transport with good road networks to boot. This has led to good parental support and general enthusiasm for mountainboarding being extremely positive.  

This is only the start of the project and it is one which ATBoarders love, wholeheartedly support and hope to see grow to fruition - ultimately bringing new groups of riders into the sport.

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