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ATBoarders 2022

ATBoarders first official release in over a decade! is proud to present our first official release in over a decade. Our first video is an introduction to the crew, filmed in May 2022 at Cleeve Hill in Gloucester. We all descended on Bugs Boarding in Maisemore, Gloucester for a weekend of boarding and filming.

Arriving on the Friday evening, we chatted long into the small hours and consumed rather more than the recommended daily intake of alcohol. Saturday morning was an early rise, and after we had gotten over our collective headache we headed off to Cleeve, which is around a 30 minute drive from the centre, stopping only to pick up some SPF 50 for the impressive collection of foreheads that is Nath, Stu & Harwood. Gotta keep those foreheads tip top boys!

What unfolded next can be seen in the edit below, props to Bish for sending that 540!

We followed up with a few beers and some good ole fashioned pub grub before heading back to the centre and partying long into a 2nd night, outlived only by the man himself, Buggs Bubb, and his nephew's Stag Do. We also bore witness to an epic chainsaw bottle opening extravaganza courtesy of the one and only Renny Myles - which he has very kindly recreated for you all (minus the cut to the face) at the end of the video! Don't try this at home kids!

We can't wait to get back out on our boards, shred some hills and share our next video with you all. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we have more exclusive content dropping, including our new feature ATBoarders - Questions on the streets where we answer life's most important questions, or rather the general public does. Tune in when the video drops to see just how the brits feel about essential topics, and more importantly to see whether Will Fox is left hanging or if he does indeed get that much-coveted fist bump...

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