Mark Hale

Elah Kram / Freddie Luber

Mark Hale

BGM (Big Gay Mark) #nohomo

Hale hails from Chalford in the “Shire” before mincing north to become owner of the fallen Harthill Mountainboard Centre / Hales Superbole (RIP). The centre has been one of the main hosts for the GayTBA UK championships for nearly 20 years, and home of the biggest foam parties!

Inspired by skateboarding this wizard loves to get jizzy on Robbie’s deck while listening to and putting down some funky beats.

Tucking in to a medieval feast, sucking on bones & raw meat while glugging down a goblet of the finest man juice available, Elah lives by the motto of “You’ve only got one life, so live like you want, unless you're gay in which case don't come at me bro!”

Mark Hale
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