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Rhythm X 2022

Rhythm X 2022 event, Crewe bmx track, 11th June @ 11am.

Back in the late 00’s the UK mountainboard scene was thriving and with a multi-event series and loads of centres the UK was the Mecca of mountainboarding. BoarderX, 4-man racing on specifically designed tracks, was probably the most popular discipline (over 260 competitors at the 2004 ATBA-UK round 3 OTG event!) meaning riders were able to get their adrenaline fix of racing. As centres started closing and participant numbers dwindled , the UK series became a one event championship. This drastically reduced the amount of competitive racing that was available for these fanatics.

Up stepped legends Leon Dove and Scott Leadbitter, two guys needing their racing fix. Utilising public BMX tracks and after a trial “Gorilla Jam” event in 2016, Rhythm X was born. Rhythm X, like boarder X consists of 4-man racing, but the difference being they are raced on public BMX tracks. On a hard packed surface full of pumpable features and tarmacked berms means these tracks can be easily raced, as long as you can pump and keep the “rhythm”. 2017 saw the integral Rhythm X series with three events using public BMX tracks and an indoor Final at the HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, using the international standard track, a first for mountainboarding competitions.

With momentum building the 2018 series went well with three more outdoor events and another indoor final in Manchester, this time attracting riders from around the world. The 2018 final also saw the introduction of 6-man racing for the first time, because who doesn’t love extra guys being added to the group. 

After another successful year (2019), then came 2020 and like all things 2020, Rhythm X was bound and gagged by Covid-19 and government rules and regs. I’d say Boris couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, but we all know that is false, he loves a booze up.

After James Wanklyn won the 100 smackers for the 2021 pump track championship, where timing chips were used to accurately record race times (another first), Rhythm X is back for 2022 at its adoptive home of The Shanaze Reade BMX track in Crewe on the 11th June. The free to enter event, will see friendly 4-man racing on the national standard BMX. This is a good event to get your legs warmed up and to practice your race face, ready for the UK champs in July.

ATBoarders will see you all there Saturday 11th June at 11 am.

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